We are John & Kathy the husband and wife team of Inspired We Go! A Full time RV Couple traveling the US in our RV.  

After some deep reading and research, we’ve lived the last five years inspired by life.  We ditched negativity, reacting to every circumstance and situation, and jumping to conclusions. Instead we choose to live a healthier, happier, and more inspired life.  

We want to take you on our journey around the United States as we travel in our Grand Design fifth wheel RV.  

New the RV scene, but not new to following our dreams and researching things that we don’t know, we embarked on this unconventional journey in July 2018. It was July 12, 2018 when we took the first step and met with our real estate agent to sell our home.

In less than three months we downsized our home, had a huge garage sale, and made a lot of donations. We listed our house to be sold and accepted an offer on our house to close in a month! WHOA! We moved out of our house and into the RV and left Pittsburgh, PA on the first leg of this epic journey.  

All that happened in less than three months!

We didn’t know it would happen as fast as it did. Although truth be told, Kathy focused every moment on towing our home out of PA before November 1, 2018, and sure enough, we did just that.  We’ve learned over the last five years, that focusing on what you want, while enjoying what you have gives you a far better outcome than playing the pity party game. What can you appreciate right now in your life, while visualizing your dreams coming true?

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Inspired We Go!


John & Kathy