When you have a goal, write it down.  Whether it is the goal to travel or a different goal, you must write it down. We’ve all heard that part, but it is what you do next that makes an even bigger difference. Let’s walk through it. 

Grab your pen with blue ink and your white paper.  Take five minutes to write down your goals, expand them, see yourself in your goals as you write them down.  

Once you’ve written down your goals, review them.  Are there any that you feel you can achieve without a doubt? Put a star next to those. Those goals are in your sweet spot, the place where your belief is strong enough to manifest them coming true. 


Living in an RV was not a childhood dream I remember.  I didn’t think of RV life as something to achieve.  My childhood dreams were about large homes with multiple bathrooms, pools, big garages with lots of fancy cars, white picket fences, little playgrounds for my kids, dogs, and cats.  I dreamed of a room with floor to ceiling bookshelves and the ladder that Belle uses in the Beauty and the Beast. 

The Journey

As I got older my dreams were still of huge houses with large outdoor living spaces and fancy cars. On a teachers salary I wasn’t sure those would come true so I started a home based business.  That business gave me the confidence that I could do anything.  I learned business acumen and how to dream, set a goal, miss a goal and achieve a goal.  I learned discipline and how to follow my passions. 

The larger my business grew the bigger I dreamed, this time travel came in to my dreams.  I wanted to see the country.  

Over the years, I fell out of love with my business, I moved, my priorities changed, and I left that business that taught me so much.  

Travel Bug

I didn’t stop dreaming and John and I started a vacation fund so we could travel.  We took long weekend trips and explored cities new to us, but they were always within driving distance.  Fun fact: we’ve never flown in and airplane to a vacation together, ever and we’ve been together for over 17 years.  We are road trippers! 

You might be wondering why this matters, well in recent years, we’ve wanted to travel more, but our 9-5s seemed to get in the way.  Did we have enough vacation time, did we have enough in our vacation account for flights to the west or south?  It seemed as though those things never lined up.  We talked about a road trip out west, but then it was not enough paid vacation time.  

RV Living?

We were considering downsizing our large townhouse to something a bit smaller with a large kitchen to continue filming for our You Tube cooking show, when the thought to get an RV was mentioned.  

Like many dreams, this was a fleeting moment and we continued on with our 9-5 suburb life, with this little dream sitting dormant.  Every now and then we’d talk about it or binge watch one of our fave you tube channels of RV full timers and think and talk about what if. 

Taking Action

Then one chilly Saturday in February 2018, we decided to go to a camper dealer.  It was the dead of winter in Pennsylvania, there was snow in the ground, but we knew that one way to make your dreams come true is to touch them, live them, and take photos with them. 

That is not the day the idea came to us, but that is the day that we took action on our dreams.  

After that day we talked about full time RVing and what that would look like.  We looked at our finances, and our current situation and basically said, “ it’s a great idea, for one day, but not now.” 

Our list of excuses was long:

  • Jobs
  • Car leases
  • The house…
  • Full of stuff
  • Cats

And the “what ifs” and “what abouts” became more of an anchor than a sail.  

Life Is Short

But then, a some life changing events showed us that life is short. 

So, we did the research. We figured out what we needed to do. There was a lot! We started cleaning out. Looked at trucks. Looked at more campers. And I started talking about Nov 1. 

And in July 2018 we met with our real estate agent to start the process of selling our house.  

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