The First Step

It was a sunny, hot day in July 2018. We had our real estate agent coming to meet with us about our house. One of the most significant pieces of the full-time RV puzzle was the sale of our home. This was the Beginning of Living Full Time in an RV.

I had tidied up a was looking forward to our meeting despite the butterflies in my stomach.

I was so excited to see the dream of full timing coming to fruition, yet terrified that the house would hold up my Nov 1 goal.

John and I had talked a lot about not setting a date because it can create fear. It can set you up to be afraid you’ll miss it, and then you divert your attention to the things that hold you from meeting your goals rather than focusing on your Goal and it coming true.

Our meeting went well, we discussed listing price and it aligned with our thoughts and we were given homework, pre-pack, clean out. We needed to get the house ready for the photographer.


I think when our agent left we both considered holding off. Each closet and drawer we opened was a reminder of the work we needed to do and the memories we had collected over the years.

We started in the “easy” rooms, we cleaned the guest bedroom closets, made piles of sell, donate, trash, storage, and camper.

We had no idea how fast this process would happen, so we just started moving everything to the garage for our garage sale.

About two weeks later we were confident that we’d gotten to a point where they could take photos.


The photographer and our agent came back out. They took pics, we signed the listing documents, and on August 12, 2018, our house went live on the market.

We started having showings that week. A lot of showings. With each showing, we began to see the reality. We even talked about stopping the process.

Looking back it was fear. There was so much unknown. We hadn’t even talked to our jobs yet (I don’t recommend this).

Then my parents visited. They were undergoing changes themselves as they were selling their house and moving. They seemed to breathe excitement and belief into us.

The Big Purchase

We had decided on the camper we wanted, a Grand Design 310GK. The salesman had some special deals in August to move the 2018 inventory, so we pulled the trigger on August 31, 2018.

We negotiated 90 days of storage for the camper as part of the purchase, so my goal of Nov 1, then became on a reality that the camper needed to picked by Nov 31.

We scheduled our garage sale to align with our neighborhood’s community sales for the second weekend of September. I took the days off of work, I cleaned, priced, sorted, borrowed tables, priced, cleaned and sorted more. The sale was Friday night and all day on Saturday.

As exhausting as it was, we sold over $4000 worth of stuff from our house between that sale and Facebook marketplace. That was not nearly enough, and we donated over 50 boxes of items plus furniture to the Amvets.

If I can give you one piece of advice, start cleaning out early.

-Advice to anyone thinking about living in an RV full time – Kathy

… & Sold!

Oh, wait, I missed a critical piece of the story, on Friday while we were setting up for our sale, we received an offer on our house. It was a little less than we wanted to accept, and we hemmed and hawed a bit.

I knew we needed to make a decision, so we sat down, uninterrupted and asked ourselves, what do we want? What are we willing to risk more- a lower offer (that still works for us) or being here in the winter.

Well, you’ve likely figured out our decision. We accepted the offer on Sept 14 and went into our garage sale knowing our closing would be Oct 17.

Now it is Real!

That was the point it all became real. We were moving into the RV by October 17, 2018. Just two weeks before my Nov 1 goals.

You might wonder a bit about how we did it. The story seems to show that everything came together perfectly. Well, we did have some hiccups, but through it all, we focused on the feeling of living full time in the RV.

On those days between July 12 and Sept 16 (the day I talked to my boss), I walked into my office with my head held high; I visualized sitting at a picnic table at my campsite, writing blog posts full time and editing videos full time. Visualizations of conversations with clients about promotional and marketing video and campaigns ran through my head like a movie. I saw myself with my cup of coffee watching the sunrise into the blue Florida sky in the winter.

While Nov 1 was so close, I knew we would be gone by Nov 1, 2018, because I created that reality in my mind. I believed without a doubt that I would be spending my winter in Florida living in my RV.

After the money from the garage sale was deposited in the bank and the Amvets had been scheduled it was time to speak to my boss about my job. Stay tuned for that experience in our next post.

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2 thoughts on “The Beginning of Living Full Time in an RV

  1. Hi Kathy. In Nov, 2019, I came across your YouTube videos. Are you and your husband still RVing full time? My husband and I recently put our house up for sale, and ordered a new 2020 Grand Design Solitude 310GK. In less than a week our house went live on The MLS, had two open houses, received an offer and went into escrow. Wow, much faster than we expected. The house closes on escrow next week and we get our GD 310GK in 3 weeks. We are selling 99.9% of our processions to live our dream of traveling the U.S. and Canada. I enjoyed reading about your experience as it is close to what we are doing right now. I liked your YouTube videos and hope to see more.

    1. Hi, Jeanette, We are still full-timing. 🙂 Took a break from this site for a bit as our other site took off and required my FT attention. I left my company in Jan, so we should be back to more regular postings on here. You can also follow us on Instagram to keep up with us more closely. Congrats on your speedy transition as well. It was a whirlwind, but so worth it. Keep in touch!

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