Working from the Road in the RV

One of the biggest questions we get is “are you working from the road in the RV?” We’ve concluded that question comes up because of our ages, when we tell people we are full time, they always give a quizzical look. Yes, yes we are working from the road and we love it!

How did that come about?

The morning I was to speak with my boss, I was a bundle of nerves.  I knew that any outcome would work out for us.  John and I had spent months planning and budgeting for the financial side of this adventure.

We knew, based on research and inflated estimations, exactly what we needed each month to cover our new expenses. Our plans included a budget and we knew what our obligations would be.  

This adventure was built on information; it began with countless hours (read months) of detailed research, budgeting, and extensive planning.  

Looking back, I wish we had documented that research a little closer. I will do my best to share what we found and concluded in upcoming blog posts. 

What is my boss going to say?

On that Sept 17 morning, I dressed a bit more professionally, I showed up a little early to work.  I was eager to tell my boss and my colleagues about our new adventure, but also nervous.  We had six weeks until our “push off” date of Nov 1 (that was my goal date – but we don’t recommend focusing too heavily on a deadline as it can create fear when dream building and manifesting your desires).  I planned to offer my boss the entire six weeks of me remaining full time to help with the transition.

I set up a time to chat with him about an hour after we were settled into the workday.  In that meeting, I presented three options, each of which John and I were comfortable. I am not sure which option I wanted to happen, I like my job.  

However, I was excited that my plan without a job would be to focus 100 percent of my time on this. Writing. Blogging, filming, editing, and sharing our story and adventures to inspire and educate others. I knew that between this channel and our food channel I would be busy.  

Full time- Part time – or See ya!

I presented my boss with the following options and an Internet plan.  We knew from John’s conversation with his boss how critical an Internet connection would be, so we prepared a detailed and heavily researched Internet plan.  Click here to read our post about setting up internet for remote work that we shared that over on the RV Wannabes Blog.

  1. Full Time – Me remaining on full time and working remotely.
  2. Part Time – Me remaining on part time to work on the marketing and hiring someone for finance and office support.
  3. See Ya – Me leaving altogether after 6 weeks and hiring someone fulltime.  

He listened as I shared how we were setting off on the adventure of a lifetime and he told me he’d think about how he’d like to proceed.


The next few weeks were a whirl wind.  We posted my job as PT or FT figuring we could find the right person we’d be able to make a decision.  We screened and interviewed, and explored many options.  It was crazy and each day I didn’t have an answer. 

Home was also crazy, trying to get our home cleaned and organized. We started packing and weighing our belongings; we visited the camper with tape measures, and started measuring the storage; and we researched trucks and test drove them.  

Each day was another day of calling campgrounds and setting up mail services, packing, trips to the goodwill, and more.  

Carry On

As September stated to wrap up, we started the master list of things that needed to be done.  I wrote a business plan for the food blog so that I could focus on what that would look like if I was leaving my job at the end of October.  We brainstormed names for this blog, each one a little better than the last, but not quite there. 

We booked our campgrounds for October, November, & December.  That was tough.  My next piece of advice, book busy seasons early.  I am working on some additional content regarding our booking and route planning. Stay tuned. 

We also made the big announcement on our Foodie youtube channel via a livestream.  It was one of the most fun and exciting nights of my life. It felt so real to share this amazing news with our followers and friends.  

Working from the Road in the RV

In early October , my company found and hired an excellent candidate to help job share my position. We worked side by side for my last two weeks in the office and my transition to part time was made much easier knowing that she was competent and capable of doing an even better job doing that aspect of my job.  

For those of you wondering, I handle the marketing files and customer relationship portal for my company. Things have gone very well working remotely. I keep in constant contact with my colleagues and my boss. I have a consistent schedule for my part time hours, which keeps me focused, organized, and allows me time to work on our small business (VegInspired and inspiredwego). John works full time remotely and things are also going very well for him and his work connections and communications.

The Last Day

So on October 26th I packed up the few hard files I needed, I wished my colleagues well, and I walked out to the big black truck, that we’d purchased just two weeks before. John was sitting in the driver’s seat and I knew as I climbed up in that truck that this was the beginning of soemthing wonderful. We drove away, from what I hope to be my last full-time day working for someone else, and headed to our RV parked just 30 minutes north.

John and I would pack up our RV, hitch it to the truck, and head south on our adventure of a lifetime in less than 24 hours. Read about our goal of travel here.

In our next blog we talk about our first camping experience, the truck ride with the cats on that first trip, share a little about our first campground, and a glimpse into the start of our journey. 

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